Scaffold Piercings: Ageless and Grunge

Scaffold piercings, also commonly known as the Industrial piercing, have been popular for almost 30 years. They are effortlessly punk and always look cool. Those who know me know how much I love Scaffold piercings. I wanted to get one for 2 years before finally doing it in October 2017.

The Scaffold piercing is a cartilage piercing with 2 holes, typically joined by a barbell. The first hole sits at the top of the ear on the Forward Helix and connects to the second hole on the Helix. Straight barbells are the most common jewellery used for a scaffold and should be titanium, yellow gold or rose gold. If you’re looking for something more unique, you can swap the barbell balls out for our epoxy resin balls for ultimate colour customisation. You also have the option to get detailed or shaped bars such as our Pierced Heart in Arrow Bar, for example.

This piercing rates 5-7/10 on the pain scale. It typically hurts more than a lobe piercing, and can be more painful than a standard cartilage piercing because there are 2 holes to be made, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. Average healing time is between 4-6 months but we recommend giving it a year to fully heal. Aftercare is important so you may wish to read up on aftercare before getting the piercing.

As the piercing passes through two points on the ear, the Scaffold piercing stimulate 2 pressure points in the ear. The Helix, location of the bottom hole for this piercing, has a pressure point associated with allergy relief and easing congestion. The Forward Helix, location of the top hole, has an acupressure point linked to easing muscle tension and improving blood circulation when stimulated. It’s also been suggested by L’Officiel that this pressure point may help in preventing wrinkles. This implies that by getting a Scaffold piercing, you may stimulate both of these pressure points, combating both sets of problems with one piercing.

I would highly suggest that if you’re even slightly considering getting a Scaffold piercing, that you just go for it! You won’t regret it and they always look awesome! As always, you can come in to see us here at Karma Jewellery, or book online here. I hope we see you soon.

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