Lobe Piercings: A Classic

I know what you’re thinking; Lobe piercings aren’t that interesting. Well you are wrong. Lobe piercings are the ultimate piercing. Fully customisable, the Lobe piercing is a lovely solo piercing or a fabulous starter piercing for those looking to decorate their ears to the max.

For those who don’t know, the Lobe is the fleshy part of the ear at the bottom. It is made up of fatty tissue so is softer than cartilage. Everyone’s earlobes are different but there are essentially 2 types of earlobes; free earlobes, where the lobe drops below the point of connection on the head, and attached earlobes, which are smaller and attach to the head without a drop. Some people have smaller earlobes and others have larger ones, but regardless of the shape and size of the Lobe, everyone, male or female, suits Lobe piercings.

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to a Lobe piercing. You can get one or both Lobes done; a single lobe piercing is particularly popular with males whereas females tend to get both ears pierced. You can get the one piercing or you can have multiple on the Lobe. You can choose a stud or a small hoop as a starter and then once it is healed, you can choose any earrings you like. The possibilities are endless!

 The Lobe piercing isn’t particularly painful as there is no cartilage to pierce, just a thick layer of skin. It rates a 2/10 on the pain scale and it’s over very quickly. It’s also a fast healing one, taking only 6-8 weeks. As always, it is essential to take care of the piercing in order for it to heal properly so always follow the advice given on the aftercare sheet.

If you’re interested in ear pressure points, the Lobe actually as several depending on the specific location. Pressure points on the Lobe can target depression, sexual suppression, salt cravings and even irritability. If you’re looking to get a Lobe piercing with the hope of a permanent mean of stimulating a pressure point, double check the placement first.

Whether you’re looking for your first piercing or want to add to the existing piercings you have, come in to Karma Jewellery to see us or book online here.

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