Rook Piercing

If you like inner ear piercings, but want something a little unusual, the Rook piercing may be the one for you. This piercing grew in popularity in 2018 and Refinery29 described it as “L.A.’s coolest beauty trend” of that time.

The Rook is the inner ear ridge which sits above the Daith. This edgy but delicate piercing would be a great addition to most ears. I say most because it may not be suitable for everyone; everyone’s ears are different shapes and sizes so a small amount of people will not have a Rook which can be easily pierced.

The Rook piercing may hurt a little more than a standard cartilage piercing; it is possible it can rate a 7/10 on the pain scale rather than the usual 6/10. This is because the cartilage is thicker on the Rook and will require a little more pressure to pierce. That being said, it may heal quicker due to its hidden location in the ear as it is less likely to catch on things the way other piercings do, and usually doesn’t to hurt to lie on. If you want to read up on aftercare, you can view our aftercare sheet which advises that a cartilage piercing can take anywhere from 2 months to a year to heal completely.

Because the ear has around 300 acupressure points, of course the Rook would sit on one.

This pressure point is most commonly associated with stress relief. It also, like the Daith, may help in migraine reduction. So there you have it, if you have problems with stress, a Rook piercing could help.

If I’ve got you considering one, you probably want to know what jewellery you can have with a Rook piercing. Byrdie explains that you can choose from either a barbell, hoop or curved barbell, but recommend a bar when first getting it done. It is also advised that the jewellery should be made from titanium or gold, either white or yellow.

If you are worried you do not have enough cartilage in the fold for a Rook piercing then you can ask your piercer for their advice. They will consider your ear anatomy and the jewellery options to find something that works or advise you on something else if a Rook is not for you. You can find our piercing prices and book an appointment with us on our website.

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