Ear Piercing
Over 16's Price List

Ear Piercing Price List For Over 16's

Getting your ears pierced is easy and safe!
There’s no need to make an appointment, just pop into our shop and our trained and experienced specialists will be ready to take care of you!

From only


a pair

FREE Cleaning Solution with every piercing

9ct Yellow Gold Studex 75 Sensitive System

9ct White Gold Studex 75 Sensitive System

Polished Titanium Studex 75 Sensitive System

Stainless Steel Studex 75 Sensitive System

Gold Plated Studex 75 Sensitive System

Nose Piercing Studex 75 Sensitive Applicator

Studex Plus

Cleaning Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Never Before Has Ear Piercing Been So Gaentle And Safe. Here at Karma we have the experience, knowledge & have been doing ear piercing for over 40 years. We are constantly reseaching the best methods, jewellery & aftercare you can use. Our Sensitive Studex System 75 is pain free. We use a numbing cream at Karma which we have tested out ourselves. We have the largest range of earrings for you to pick from.

We use numbing cream, but if you would like to use this it takes 30 minutes to take effect. It is free.

Studex System75 combines the highest hygiene and sterility standards with optimum ease of use. With this system, any ear piercing specialist can pierce ears gently and professionally with gorgeous, individually sealed, hypoallergenic studs. It's barely noticeable.

Our instruments and earrings meet or exceed EU standards and FDA regulations (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

We have Studex Plus System which is the old fashioned gun. Again touch free, but for over 16's Only. We have used this method for 40 years, but it is not suitable for children.

We also do body piercing with a needle, for those people who prefer this.

Absolutely Hygenic And Sterile. Our innovative packing technology and our touch-free method for loading the instrument with sterile, individually sealed piercing earrings ensure an absolutely hygienic ear piercing process. The ear piercing specialist inserts sterile cartridges into the system and touches neither the piercing stud nor the clasp during the piercing process. The instrument does not get into contact with the ear either.

The minimum age for ear piercings. is after a child has had there 3rd set of immunisation injections. We need proof of this with a red book. This decision is up to the parents or legal guardians. For minors, they are required to give their consent by signing a release form, and the parents or guardians need to have Photo ID which we take a photocopy of to meet our requirements.  For minors under 16, they also need to be present during the ear piercing process.

We can supply numbing cream for people who are little nervous. This take 30 minutes to activate. Does it Hurt? No. Our Studex System75 ear piercing systems have been carefully designed to pierce ears virtually pain free. When performed properly, most people feel little or no discomfort. ... All Studex ear piercing studs and hoops are packaged and sterilized to meet or exceed U.S. FDA standards and EC European regulations.

We have our Ear Piercing Price List On Our Website and your choices of jewellery. Our telephone number if you would like to speak to our fully trained ear piercing staff is 01382 203762.


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