Eyebrow Piercings: Not Just for the Ear

If you’re looking for a facial piercing, there’s a fair list of options, but if you want a unisex piercing that will make a statement, it’s got to be an Eyebrow piercing. They can be rebellious or totally mainstream depending on how you style them, and they always look cool.

An Eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing which sits on the Eyebrow either vertically or horizontally. It can be accessorised by either a curved barbell, also known as a banana barbell, or a hoop. Here at Karma we use the banana barbell for Eyebrow piercings which are made from either titanium or gold. 

As a surface piercing, the Eyebrow only rates a 3/10 according to Byrdie. There are not a lot of nerves in the Eyebrow, which explains the low pain rating. We advise that the piercing will take approximately 8 weeks to heal, depending on aftercare. It is important to avoid getting make up in the piercing until it is fully healed and putting off any waxing, plucking or threading of the brows is recommended. If you want to know more about how to take care of a piercing, we have information available on our aftercare sheet.

If you’re looking for some celebrity inspiration, Steel Her Style lists Keke Palmer, Keyshia Cole and Fergie as a few who choose to sport the piercing. It’s not a particularly common piercing as it has more grunge and punk vibes than other piercings. I think the Eyebrow piercing should become more mainstream as piercings in general are being destigmatised by the younger generations who use them to express individuality. 

While I would recommend always seeing a professional for any piercing, I get that we all have, or know someone who has gotten one done by a friend on a random Friday night.

This may be okay for a lobe piercing, but for an Eyebrow piercing, there’s more too it which requires someone who knows what they’re doing to eliminate any risk. An Eyebrow piercing also grows out, as explained by Infinite Body, so it doesn’t need to be permanent. This is nothing to worry about as long as you are sure to take the piercing out before it’s fully grown out. Your piercer will be able to explain this before you get it done if you have any concerns. 

If you would like an Eyebrow piercing, come see us at Karma Jewellery or book online.

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