Sterling Silver Rings

We all have our favourite piece of jewellery, right? And surely we all have a favourite material? My favourite jewellery is rings and I have a special preference for Sterling Silver. I have worn Sterling Silver rings every day for the past 5 years; not always the same rings but there’s always been at least 1 ring worn. 


Silver is a great material for rings. It doesn’t easily tarnish, it looks fantastic, especially when coupled with sparkly gemstones, and it is relatively easy to care for. Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% copper in order to make the metal harder and stronger. This makes it hold its shape better which is important when making rings. 


Here at Karma Jewellery, we have a large range of Sterling Silver rings. We have rings for both men and women, including some Sterling Silver rings in our wedding jewellery range. We have 196 Sterling Silver rings for women on our website, and 121 Sterling Silver rings for men.



With our Sterling Silver rings, you are sure to find one to fit with anyone and everyone’s sense of style and budgets. These rings are a perfect gift for someone, or as a little treat for yourself. Sterling Silver is one metal that looks good on everyone and goes well with all colours, so whether you’re looking for every day wear or something to wear on special occasions, you can rest assured that our rings will make your outfit pop. 


You can view our range of Sterling Silver rings for women here, and our range of Sterling Silver rings for men here. Alternatively, you can come into the store and speak to our lovely staff.


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