Maids Rings

If you’re looking to keep a Victorian tradition alive, but put your own twist on it, I may have exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve all heard of baby rings; it’s a common tradition which has been practised since the Victorian era. What about maid’s rings? This is something even I hadn’t heard of until recently.


This is a ring that can be worn by the mother with the intention of it matching the infant’s ring in some sense. This match could be that it’s the exact same ring, it could be the same or similar style, the same material or it could simply be that they match in the sense that they were bought together with the intention of the mother’s ring representing the baby. Whether the rings look the same, or not, a baby and maid’s ring is a matching set.


What’s great about both mother and child having a ring is that if you intend on passing it down your family line, 2 generations are passing it on at the same time. The mother passes hers onto her child or child’s partner and her child passes theirs onto their baby. It’s that easy to create a family tradition and it puts an extra twist on old traditions. 


Here at Karma Jewellery, we have a range of baby and maid’s rings which will suit anyone’s style. You have the choice of 9ct white gold, 9ct yellow gold or sterling silver. You are also able to choose plain bands or patterned ones and can even get rings with cubic zirconia gemstones. In our baby and maid’s ring range, we have 11 rings specifically for mothers, however, depending on the mother’s ring size and the baby ring you choose, you may be able to get the same ring for the mother and the baby. This is because all baby rings go up to a size M with some going up to a size R. 


If you would like to get yourself, or someone you know, a maid’s ring, you can do so on our website or come into the store and speak to our lovely staff.  

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