Children’s Earrings

This one’s is for all the parents out there. We know your little one probably wants their ears pierced; they’ve probably asked like 20 times this year! Or maybe you want your baby to get their ears pierced. Well maybe it’s time to go ahead and do it!


Here at Karma Jewellery, we are happy to pierce children’s and baby’s ears. All children we pierce receive numbing cream, cleaning solution and a certificate. For babies, we do request that they have had their first set of immunisations and recommend they be around 2 moths old as they cannot localise pain at this age. We recommend that when you get a little one’s ears pierced, that their first pair if earrings be 9ct gold as this reduces the risk of infection. 


This brings me to our selection of children’s earrings and our Tiny Tips range. On our website, we have a section dedicated to children’s earrings. This section homes 61 pairs of earrings, all perfect for little ears. Each pair is small, light weight and made from 9ct gold. You can choose from yellow gold, white gold and rose gold in this collection. Some designs even come with cubic zirconia gemstones. As previously stated, we recommend 9ct gold for children, so we ensure to only carry children’s earrings which are gold to ensure we do what we can to reduce infection risk. 


We also carry a selection of Tiny Tips earrings. These earrings are allergy-free, sterilised earrings made with little ears in mind. We carry 36 styles of the Tiny Tips range. These earrings are either gold plated or are made from stainless steel. All Tiny Tips earrings are small and light so as not to bother the little one’s ears. They also all close with a butterfly back to ensure the jewellery is secure and won’t fall out. 


If you are looking to get your little one’s ears pierced, you can read about it online and pop into the store when you’re ready. If you want to view our Children’s Earrings range or our Tiny Tips range, you can do so online, or come into the store and speak to a member of our team.  

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