Maids Bracelets

Know a new mother? If you’re thinking she deserves a present, you’re right. Having a new little one can be tiring and pull any focus away from herself. It is so important that a mother feels bonded to the child. One way a mother can feel more bonded to the child is by matching with it; it’s also really cute. This is why we have maid’s bracelets which can match our range of baby bracelets.


As I’ve said before, baby bracelets are an excellent gift for a baby; they can be passed down through the family. Getting mother and child matching bracelets may be an even better gift as it helps strengthen the bond between the two. The maid’s bracelet may be passed down the family similarly to the baby bracelet with mother giving hers to her child when they have their own children. Heirlooms are a beautiful thing.


Let me help you picture it. You’re a mother, about to be a grandmother. Your child is going to give their baby bracelet to their child. You then give your bracelet either to them or their partner so that they can then do the same when they become grandparents. Just like that you’ve started a beautiful family tradition. Furthermore, with our range, the bracelets are timeless and will age beautifully so you know they will still be as classy and stylish then as they are now. 


We have a range of 35 styles of bracelets, in our bangle section, which may be perfect for mothers. You can choose from silver, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. All of our gold jewellery is 9ct. You have the option of cubic zirconia gemstones, a little sparkle or just the metal and we even have bracelets which say “mum” on them. Some of the bracelets are exact matches of the baby bracelets we sell, which I think is adorable.


If you want to shop our range of maid’s bracelets, you can do so online, or come into Karma Jewellery and ask our staff.  

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