Jewellery Sets

Jewellery is always the perfect accompaniment to an outfit but think about how much you can enhance it by wearing matching jewellery. Having a jewellery set is a fun way to make sure your jewellery matches, enhancing the overall outfit. 


I wear jewellery every day, in fact, I wear the same pieces of jewellery every day. I wear a necklace, 2 rings on my right hand, my engagement ring on my left, my earrings, helix hoop, my industrial bar and nose ring. That sounds like a lot, but it works, honest. While none of my pieces of jewellery are part of a set, I make sure they all go together as if they were. All my jewellery is silver in colour and my earrings, necklace, helix hoop and engagement ring all have the same kind of sparkle. This makes it look like they belong together as a set, and this makes it look planned and organised. 


Jewellery sets look classy and always make the wearer look put together. Sets always complete your look and round it off beautifully without being tacky. Jewellery sets compliment themselves like jeans and a nice top instead of being too matched like double denim. Wearing a matching set is like making sure your kitchen cupboards are painted the same colour, but stand out against everything else in the room, or in the jewellery’s case, outfit. 


Obviously, I’m not saying you have to match your jewellery. Mismatched jewellery can be just as stylish. Mixing colours and materials can be very fashion forward, but if a classic look is what you are after, jewellery sets are the way to go. 


Here at Karma, we have a selection of jewellery which are intended as sets. We sell each item individually so you can choose which items you want without buying items you don’t intend on wearing. Our Jewellery Sets section has 63 items for you to browse. Don’t forget, jewellery sets also make a fabulous gift.

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