Is there anything that screams summer more than anklets? I personally don’t think there is. I have had a love for anklets since summer 2016 when I bought a small collection from a market while on holiday in France. Since then I have always sought out a new anklet each holiday to add to my collection. 


For those who don’t know, anklets are similar to bracelets, but are worn on the ankle, as the name suggests. These can be made from a number of materials, but it is smart to wear ones which are more durable. Anklets can come as chains, braided, beaded, with charms and even more. They can be tied onto the ankle, fastened by a clasp, come with adjustable sliders and other methods. There are so many options for the perfect one for you. 


There’s more to anklets than simply being a summery accessory. They can represent different things depending on which foot they are worn on; anklets worn on the right foot can represent being single, according to Wisp & Willow, is someone who is in a relationship and wears an anklet on the right foot, it means they are looking to have an affair. Anklets worn on the left foot can be used as a talisman or charm as a from of protection. It can also signify that you are married or taken. The colour of the anklet also has meanings, for example, white symbolises purification, pink is for love and marriage and green means luck. While these meanings are slightly outdated, it’s fun to know the history of your favourite accessories. 


Here at Karma, we have a range of chain anklets which come in different sizes. We have 16 lovely chains you can choose from, all made from sterling silver. You can shop our range online or come into the store to see us. With such beautiful chains to choose from, why wouldn’t you?

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