Gift Vouchers

Everyone loves Gift Vouchers. I love Gift Vouchers. They are perfect for when you want to get a present for someone but you’re not sure what their taste is. There is nothing worse than seeing something that you think the person you’re buying for would like but a

re unsure of size or colour. 

If you are shopping with us for a present but not sure what the person likes, why not get one of our Gift Vouchers? These are the perfect gift for anyone who you know loves our stuff when you’re not sure what to pick. I’m one of those girls who always asks for money or Gift cards when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, so I think anywhere that offers Gift Vouchers as an option is ahead of the game!

Gift Vouchers can either say “Here, I know you like this place” or you can say “I saw this item which I think you’d like but I want you to be able to choose colour/size” for example. It’s also like you’re sending them on a prepaid shopping trip, which is my favourite kind! 

With our Vouchers, you can choose from any amount options (£5, £10, £15, £25, £50 and £100). These can be used in-store or online and include piercings! In other words, if we sell it, you can use a voucher to purchase it. This could be rings, earrings, Yodeyma perfume, body jewellery, anything! 

With Christmas creeping its way towards us, you’re probably already thinking about what gifts you could be getting for people. With our Vouchers, you can take all the guess work out of buying jewellery for someone. They also make a brilliant secret Santa gift as they can fit any budget. Go ahead and purchase one on our website!

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