Aftercare: The Laws of Piercings

We all know that the most important thing about getting a piercing is that you MUST follow the aftercare instructions, but we’ve all broken the rule here and there. I’m guilty of it! My piercing downfall is that I always end up falling out of routine after a night out or something and forget to clean it. Luckily, I always get back into the routine and keep my piercings looking good. 

I get it, there are a lot of rules to follow. Don’t touch the piercing, don’t fiddle with it. You need to clean it twice a day with the cleaning solution provided or salt water. You can’t change the jewellery until it’s healed. You need to avoid lying on it or wearing clothes which will catch it. Each bodily location has its own healing time and some specific rules for taking care of it. It feels like such a chore! 

That being said, not taking proper care of a piercing can have some very real consequences. Not following aftercare instructions can slow down the healing time meaning you end up looking after it for even longer. Even worse, if you’re fiddling and twisting the piercing you are

giving infection the opportunity to get into the piercing. Couple this with a lacklustre cleaning routine and your lovely new piercing is not so lovely anymore. A piercing infection can be minor, but they can also be quite bad. When I got my lobes pierced, I unfortunately ended up with an infection in one of them. I’m not sure what caused the infection, but my lobe ended up very red and swollen to the point where the earring began embedding into the ear. Luckily, my mum helped me keep it clean with some antiseptic and it passed with no permanent damage. It’s important to act fast if your piercing does end up infected to prevent any damage. 

I don’t say these things to scare you out of getting a piercing all together, trust me! I am a big advocate for getting as many piercings as your heart desires. It’s just my job to caution everyone who is thinking of getting a piercing or has a new one of the importance of aftercare. Here at Karma Jewellery, we supply a free bottle of cleaning solution with every piercing and provide you with the aftercare sheet so you might as well take advantage. 

Please always take care of your piercings! I recommend giving them a clean fairly often even after they have healed to ensure they always stay healthy and beautiful.

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