Using Piercings To Your Advantage: Acupuncture and Pressure Points

Piercings are a beautiful form of self-expression and individuality. They have the power to 

make you feel unique and confident, and let’s face it, they always look great! But what if I told you there’s more to piercings than just aesthetics?

Do you suffer from migraines? What about problematic period cramps,cravings, stress? Imagine being able to ease your issue with a simple piercing. Now, I imagine this probably sounds a little odd to you, but there may be a type of piercing with a health benefit which suits your needs.

According to The Chalkboard, acupuncturists are able to use the ~300 pressure points in the ear as a map to the rest of the body to treat specific imbalances. In other words, using the correct pressure point in the ear, acupuncture could alleviate symptoms of a migraine, for example.Unfortunately, the relief provided by acupuncture is temporary, this is where piercings come into play. By getting a piercing on the pressure point linked to the problem, a more permanent form of relief could be provided.

Here at Karma Jewellery, we have had our share of customers come in looking to get a Daith piercing to help with their migraines after hearing about the potential benefit. Acupuncturists can even mark out the specific area for the client to get pierced and the piercer is able to use this to get it exactly where the client wants it. We can’t promise it will work, but it could be worth a try, and if it doesn’t, the worst that can happen is you gain a fantastic new piercing.

It can be difficult to determine whether the piercings can help or not as there are mixed reviews from people and a lack of research into the topic. Fresh Trends take a negative stance in the debate, claiming the effects are due to the placebo effect and therefore are temporary; however, L’Officiel has a more positive view without making any promises.

Here is a list of the piercings we do at Karma Jewellery and the problem it may relieve:


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