Orbital: The Ultimate Cool Girl Piercing

If you’ve ever looked at Zoe Kravitz, Ashley Benson or Rihanna and wanted to steal their style, the Orbital piercing may just be the thing for you. Similar to the Conch piercing, the Orbital uses a hoop which is placed between the inner and outer Conch. It’s the ultimate cool girl piercing, and I predict it will be the piercing trend of the season.

The Orbital piercing uses a closed hoop which is larger than the standard size which is used for other piercings. The hoop orbits the outer ear and passes through at the Conch. As with all piercings, the recommended materials include surgical steel, titanium and white or yellow gold. I personally think a sparkly ring looks particularly beautiful for this piercing. We also now offer charms which can be added to the hoop to add a little something extra to a standard hoop.

In terms of getting the piercing done, you’re looking at standard cartilage piercing rules; it will hit about a 6/10 on the pain scale and will take 3-9 months to heal with proper aftercare. As always, you can find information about aftercare for cartilage piercings on our aftercare sheet. You will need to avoid lying on the piercing while it heals so we recommend sleeping on a travel pillow as you can’t then roll onto it.

The placement of this piercing is on a pressure point which may have health benefits that interest you. L’Officiel states that the pressure point is associated with muscle relaxation which can ease chronic pain. This can include menstrual cramps and back pain, among others. While these claims cannot be backed up by scientific research, it has been suggested that a piercing on a specific pressure point may provide some relief as a placebo effect. This means that even if the piercing doesn’t work on the pressure point, a temporary relief may be provided.

Whether the piercing does work on the pressure point or not, you can’t deny that it’s worth it simply for the aesthetics. This piercing is bold and eye catching; who wouldn’t want it as their newest addition to their ears? If you are looking to get yourself an Orbital piercing, you can come in to see us at Karma Jewellery or book online to ensure an appointment. Needless to say, I might be seen sporting one myself!

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