Much like Surgical Steel, Titanium is a metal all of us with piercings know of. It’s a very common piercing material and is the cheaper alternative to gold. It is also used in other jewellery such as rings and bracelets. Here is everything you need to know about Titanium jewellery.


Titanium is a strong metal which is silver in colour. The metal does not corrode in water, including sea water and swimming pools. It has a low conductivity for both heat and electricity and it not particularly magnetic. This means you don’t need to worry about your jewellery heating up or shocking you. It also means you don’t need to worry about airport security with Titanium jewellery. 


Titanium is widely used in piercing. Here at Karma, Titanium and 9ct gold are the two material we use initially for piercings. According to Healthline, it is the best option because it is lightweight, strong and free from nickel, which is a common contact allergen. Unlike Surgical Steel Titanium is also very rarely mixed with other metals, so when we say it’s titanium, that means exactly that. 


Not just for piercings, Titanium is also used in other jewellery. The metal offers scratch resistance which is highly desirable in jewellery. The metal is also very strong which protects it from bending and cracking, this comes in handy when using the material for stone setting. While silvery grey in colour, Titanium can come in other colours. This is done by a process called anodization. 


At Karma Jewellery, our range of Titanium jewellery is mostly body jewellery; however, we do have some lovely Titanium bracelets in our range too. Our Titanium body jewellery includes barbells, segment hoops and clicker hoops. Our cartilage hoops come in a variety of colours and some even come with cubic zirconia for some sparkle. To shop out Titanium jewellery, visit our website or pop into our store.

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