New Karma Titanium And 316L Surgical Steel Heart Nipple Bar

New Karma Titanium And 316L Surgical Steel Heart Nipple Bar



New Karma Titanium And 316L Surgical Steel Heart Nipple Bar

Titanium is an excellent alternative to steel or even silver. It has the durability of steel while being 45% more durable. It can stand a beating while still looking stunning. Any titanium piece should be able to last a lifetime. Titanium is one of the metals we pierce with here.

A straight bar Steel Heart Nipple Bar is the perfect piece of jewellery for the nipple. It is an elegant and classy piece of jewellery. It is simple and will be sure to stand out. For men sizes 14mm to 10 mm is suitable while for women between 20 and 16 is suitable. Browse through

Please choose the correct size and color using the size chart below:

Size Color
1.6*14mm Steel, clear CZ
1.6*14mm Gold, clear CZ
1.6*10mm Steel color bar
1.6*12mm Steel color bar
1.6*16mm Steel color bar
1.6*18mm Steel color bar
1.6*10mm Gold color bar
1.6*12mm Gold color bar
1.6*16mm Gold color bar
1.6*18mm Gold color bar
1.6*10mm Titanium, steel color bar
1.6*12mm Titanium, steel color bar
1.6*14mm Titanium, steel color bar
1.6*16mm Titanium, steel color bar
1.6*18mm Titanium, steel color bar
1.6*10mm Titanium, gold color bar
1.6*12mm Titanium, gold color bar
1.6*14mm Titanium, gold color bar
1.6*16mm Titanium, gold color bar
1.6*18mm Titanium, gold color bar
1.6*10mm Titanium, rose gold bar
1.6*12mm Titanium, rose gold bar
1.6*14mm Titanium, rose gold bar
1.6*16mm Titanium, rose gold bar
1.6*18mm Titanium, rose gold bar
1.6*10mm Titanium, black bar
1.6*12mm Titanium, black bar
1.6*14mm Titanium, black bar
1.6*16mm Titanium, black bar
1.6*18mm Titanium, black bar

1.6mm x 14mm, 1.6mm x 16mm, 1.6mm x 18mm, 1.6mm x 10mm, 1.6mm x 12mm


Gold, Silver

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