AGUA FRESCA – Yodeyma Perfume -Paris Eau de Parfum For HIM

AGUA FRESCA – Yodeyma Perfume -Paris Eau de Parfum For HIM

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AGUA FRESCA – Yodeyma Perfume -Paris Eau de Parfum For HIM

Experience the essence of elegance and vitality with AGUA FRESCA by Yodeyma Perfume, a sophisticated Eau de Parfum crafted for the modern man. This Paris-inspired fragrance combines fresh, invigorating notes with a touch of timeless refinement, making it the perfect companion for any occasion. Citrus and aquatic accords create a refreshing and dynamic opening, evoking a sense of pure energy and zest for life. The fragrance unfolds with aromatic herbs and floral nuances, adding depth and complexity while maintaining its crisp, clean character. A blend of warm woods and sensual musk provides a lasting impression of elegance and strength, leaving a memorable trail. Designed to stay with you throughout the day, AGUA FRESCA ensures you remain fresh and confident from morning to night. Perfect for both casual outings and formal events, this versatile fragrance adapts to any setting, enhancing your natural charisma. Housed in a sleek, modern bottle that reflects the sophistication and quality of the fragrance within, AGUA FRESCA by Yodeyma is more than just a fragrance; it is a statement of style and sophistication. Embrace the spirit of Parisian elegance and invigorate your senses with AGUA FRESCA – the perfect blend of freshness and refinement for the discerning gentleman. The original blend of olfactory notes of this perfume make it both revolutionary and emblematic. It is ideal for a sense of youthful simplicity.

Dominant notes: Fresh, Green tea, Nutmeg, Oak moss

Inspired by CK One (Calvin Klein)

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