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9ct Yellow Gold And Opal Moon Stud Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold And Opal Moon Stud Earrings


These 9ct Yellow Gold And Opal Moon Stud Earrings Earrings come in a beautiful Gift Box, ready for that perfect gift.

Opal amplifies traits, and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. It enhances self worth, confidence and self-esteem, and helps you to understand your full potential. It also brings lightness and spontaneity.

Earrings have been worn by both men and women since the dawn of time to indicate status and express personality. There is nothing quite like an exquisite piece of jewellery adorning a delicate earlobe to complete the look.

In Victorian jewellery, crescent moons often represented spirituality and the Feminine Moon Goddess. The crescent moon is also said to represent change and renewal, as the moon has multiple lunar phases.

Weight – 0.53g


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