9ct Yellow Gold 10mm Creole Earrings 0.50g

9ct Yellow Gold 10mm Creole Earrings 0.50g


9ct Yellow Gold 10mm Creole Earrings

These 9ct Yellow Gold 10mm Creole Earrings come in a lovely box, and are perfect for a gift. Creole earrings are a variety of hoop earring whereby they are generally not the same thickness the whole way around, or are elongated in shape. This style of earring is generally found in oval shaped earrings. They are very easy to put in and take out.

Through the years, earrings are a symbol of womanhood and a sign of identification. Women are known to wear them since ancient times. The earlobe is associated with financial stability and social status. No outfit is complete without a pair of beautiful earrings.

We offer a large array of fine pieces in 9 carat gold, which is an affordable metal that allows you to get that luxurious, pure golden colour and shine without breaking the bank.

These earrings are a beautiful piece of jewellery which can be worn anywhere where you want to look stunning and shine brightly. They can be suited for any occasion without worrying.

Weight 0.50g

Weight 1.10 g
Gold Colour

Yellow Gold




9 Carat Gold

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