The Conch Piercing: Bold and Stylish

Oh, you want a piercing with more options? Introducing the Conch piercing! This is a cartilage piercing located in the inner cup of the ear which resembles its namesake, the conch shell. Conch piercings are much more customisable than other piercings; you can either pierce the inner or the outer conch, or both if you really want to! With the choice of studs or barbells, it looks good on everyone and anyone. The Conch piercing can provide either a bold and stylish look, or a more subtle and chic one.

In terms of getting the piercing done, you’re looking at standard cartilage piercing rules; it will hit about a 6/10 on the pain scale and will take 3-9 months to heal with proper aftercare. As always, you can find information about aftercare for cartilage piercings on our aftercare sheet. Another thing to remember is it will likely be sore to lie on while it heals so please take care if you choose to get one.

Like all piercing zones in the ear, the Conch has a pressure point in which a piercing may benefit people suffering from a particular issue. Healthline explains that there is a pressure point on the Conch which is associated with both acute and chronic pain. This implies that this piercing may help reduce pain however we can’t make any promises.

As previously mentioned, this is a fun piercing because it gives you options. Here at Karma, you can choose from cartilage studs or barbells, curved or straight. Fun fact, a curved barbell is also known as a banana bar. In terms of materials, you can choose from titanium or gold, and when we say gold, we mean yellow, white or even rose! You can also get epoxy resin balls for your barbell.

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