Nipple Piercing: Our Little Secret

 Nipple piercing, this one always raises a few eyebrows. Male or female, when you tell someone you got your nipples pierced you will be met with one of two reactions; distaste or total support. People tend to have strong feelings towards this piercing because the area is considered to be private. I like Nipple piercings because it can mean so much to the individual or it can mean also nothing. Some get pierced because they felt like it and that’s as deep as the thought process goes, but others do it to feel empowered or help them love their body and I think that’s amazing.

It is advised that new Nipple piercings use a titanium barbell but once the piercing is healed, you can switch to a hoop if you so desire. Recommended materials include titanium, surgical steel and white or yellow gold. Barbells are less likely to catch on clothing which is why they are used during the healing process so changing to a hoop should be done with caution.

Changing the piercing should also be carried out swiftly as the nipple is a fast healing area and the hole could close in as little as a few minutes on a newer piercing, according to Refinery29. If you are uncomfortable changing it yourself, you can see your piercer. Here at Karma we offer free piercing changing to our clients. If the piercing was done elsewhere, we charge £5 for this service. 

In terms of pain, the Nipple piercing has mixed reviews. Some say the piercing is the most painful type, but is over quickly, while others say it’s not that painful. The pain will depend on how sensitive your nipples are but on average, rates a 7/10 on the pain scale. If the piercing is taken care of properly, and you avoid clothing which will irritate it, you’re looking at 6 months healing time. You can always find out more about caring for a piercing on our aftercare sheet

Nipple piercings are not a new thing; according to Byrdie, they have been around since the 1890’s when people would wear them to enhance sexual arousal. Their popularity falls in and out of fashion but to still be this popular proves the versatility of the piercing. Well known women such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Bella Thorne and Rihanna can be seen showing off their nipple piercings regularly. Male celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Neil Patrick Harris and Colton Haynes also sport this piercing. If you would like to join this list, come in to Karma Jewellery or book an appointment online.

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