Baby Rings

You know what’s adorable? Baby rings. Imagine a gorgeous little gold ring on a teeny tiny finger. Cute, right? Baby rings have been around since Victorian times and make an excellent gift for baby showers or christenings. Appropriate for both boys and girls, the rings can be passed down through the family from one generation to the next. We all love a family heirloom. I had a ring when I was little, I didn’t get it as a baby, but I was very young. It was a yellow gold teddy bear ring which had a diamond in the centre. I loved that ring and definitely intend on passing it on to my children.  


As I’ve already mentioned, baby rings grew in popularity in Victorian times. The ring was a gift made from gold and other precious metals. The ring would be worn by the baby in photo shoots as the ring could be used as a status symbol. The ring is usually passed on from parent to child, but if you don’t have a baby ring and want to start the tradition in your family, we can help. 


We have a range of baby rings to choose from, perfect to suit all styles. With the choice of 31 rings, we have sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold rings to offer. You can also have the choice of pattern and whether you want gemstones on them as we offer rings with cubic zircon stones too. Our baby rings start at size A but go up high enough to ensure you will find a ring that fits your little one. Maximum size differs from ring to ring, but I guarantee you will find the perfect one.  


A baby ring is a good choice of jewellery as its safe for the baby to wear. It won’t snag on anything and hurt them and unlike necklaces, it can’t cause them harm. The materials are safe for skin and mouths (since you know the hand and ring are going in the mouth at some point) and as long as the ring fits properly, it will stay put with little twisting. 


If you want to view our baby ring range, you can do so on our website or by coming into Karma Jewellery and speaking to a member of our team.

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