Titanium 3 Link Magnet Bracelet

Titanium 3 Link Magnet Bracelet



Titanium 3 Link Magnet Bracelet

This Titanium 3 Link Magnet Bracelet is gorgeous. The Bracelet has magnets in each link, which are designed with the aspect that they could minimise multiple health conditions by increasing blood flow and circulation, while accelerating natural healing processes.

Titanium is an excellent alternative to steel or even silver. It has the durability of steel while being 45% more durable. It can stand a beating while still looking stunning. Any titanium piece should be able to last a lifetime. Titanium is hypoallergenic

This bold, heavy bangle would not need any other bangles to complete the look. It will stand out in any outfit and be a unique conversation starter for anyone!

Size: Medium, Large, X-large


Large, Medium, X-Large




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