316L Stainless Steel Orchard Crystal Flower Belly Ring

316L Stainless Steel Orchard Crystal Flower Belly Ring


This 316L Stainless Steel Orchid Crystal Flower Belly Ring is a fine piece suited for any occasion. The bar is made from 316L Stainless Steel, while the stunning charm is made from 925 Sterling Silver. The size of the charm is 10mm and comes in clear, lavender, aqua, fuschia pink, emerald, peridot and black.

Stainless Steel jewellery has a LOT of great reasons to be your choice for your next piece of jewellery. Our stainless steel pieces are hypoallergenic, and never tarnish, meaning you’ll be buying a piece that will last a lifetime.

Sterling silver is a beautiful metal, popular in the industry because of the ease at which it can be smithed into fine pieces of jewellery. High quality silver, like the silver present in all of our products, is a fantastic alternative to more expensive metals like 9ct Gold or Platinum, ideal for smart shopper!


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