316L Stainless Steel Industrial Scaffold Cat Barbell

316L Stainless Steel Industrial Scaffold Cat Barbell



This 316L Stainless Steel Industrial Scaffold Barbell is perfectly suited for any occasion. If you’re looking for a classic and romantic piece of jewellery that is a little more interesting than a simple straight barbell, these are the pieces for you. This industrial scaffold piercing bar features a bar with an array of modern, stylish details. The ball style ends of the pieces can be taken off for fitting and then put back on to keep the jewellery secure. This bar comes in Silver, Gold, Rose gold and Rainbow coloring.

Stainless Steel jewellery has a LOT of great reasons to be your choice for your next piece of jewellery. Our stainless steel pieces are hypo-allergenic, and never tarnish, meaning you’ll be buying a piece that will last a lifetime.

Lengths: 38 mm

Gauge: 1.6 mm


316L Surgical Steel, 316L Surgical Steel Gold Plated, 316L Surgical Steel Rainbow PVD Plating, 316L Surgical Steel Rose Gold Plated


Stainless Steel

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