G23 Titanium Horseshoes – Black

G23 Titanium Horseshoes – Black



This G23 Titanium Horseshoes – Assorted Colours is perfectly suited for any occasion. It comes in both 8 mm and 10 mm versions of each colour.

Titanium is an excellent alternative to steel or even silver. It has the durability of steel while being 45% more durable. It can stand a beating while still looking stunning. Any titanium piece should be able to last a lifetime. Titanium is one of the metals we pierce with here.

A Horseshoe is a piece of jewellery normally associated with the septum piercing although it can also be used in cartilage piercings. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery which can easily pair with other pieces. Browse our collection of horseshoes to find one which perfectly suits your style.

Diameter: 8 mm, 10 mm


10mm, 8mm







Type of Jewellery

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