316L Stainless Steel Crystal Hinged Clicker Hoop

316L Stainless Steel Crystal Hinged Clicker Hoop



Finding it hard to use normal segment rings? Then these are for you. Simple yet effective. These hinged segment rings make it much easier to insert jewellery without the use of pliers.
With a hinged segment that can easily be opened and closed for simple insertion, segment clicker rings are a great choice for people who don’t want to deal with fiddly BCRs or seamless rings. It has a pointed shape, great for people looking for a unique style.

Sterling silver is a beautiful metal, popular in the industry because of the ease at which it can be smithed into fine pieces of jewellery. High-quality silver, like the silver present in all of our products, is a fantastic alternative to more expensive metals like 9ct Gold or Platinum, and is ideal for smart shoppers!



16g – 1.2mm


10mm, 12mm, 8mm


316L Surgical Steel, 316L Surgical Steel Black PVD Plating, 316L Surgical Steel Gold Plated, 316L Surgical Steel Rose Gold Plated


Clear, Crystal




Stainless Steel

Type of Jewellery

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