BLUE – Yodeyma Paris Eau de Parfum For HIM

BLUE – Yodeyma Paris Eau de Parfum For HIM


BLUE – Yodema Paris Eau de Parfum For HIM

Discover the essence of elegance and freedom with Yodema Paris’ BLUE Eau de Parfum for HIM. This refined fragrance opens with vibrant citrus top notes, leading into a sophisticated heart of jasmine, and settles on a rich, woody base. The dominant notes of wood, orange, jasmine, and patchouli craft an evocative aroma that embodies the spirit of liberty. Inspired by the iconic Bleu De Chanel, BLUE offers a unique take on a classic scent, making it the perfect choice for the modern man who appreciates the depth and complexity of his fragrance.

The citrus top notes, mixed with the heart of jasmine and the woody base notes give rise to an elegant and evocative fragrance of freedom.

Dominant notes: Woody, Orange, Jasmine, Patchouli

Inspired by Bleu De Chanel (Chanel)

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