925 Sterling Silver CZ A – Z Pendant

925 Sterling Silver CZ A – Z Pendant



This 925 Sterling Silver Pendant is perfectly suited for any occasion.

A pendant is perfect for a fine chain. It adds elegance and character to a simple chain. They are a beauty and will absolutely add attention to a look. A pendant makes it easier to elevate the look of a simple fine chain.

Sterling silver is a beautiful metal, popular in the industry because of the ease at which it can be smithed into fine pieces of jewellery. High quality silver, like the silver present in all of our products, is a fantastic alternative to more expensive metals like 9ct Gold or Platinum, ideal for smart shopper!

Weight: 4.30 g


925 Sterling Silver

Type of Jewellery




Clear, Crystal




P, I, Q, A, R, B, S, C, T, D, J, U, E, K, V, F, L, W, G, M, X, H, N, Y, O, Z

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