14ct Yellow Gold Pure Crystal Dolphin Belly Bar

14ct Yellow Gold Pure Crystal Dolphin Belly Bar



By a special request, we are now able to offer this stunning bar as jewellery to be pierced with in our studio. If you wish to do so, please notify us in advance so we can sterilise this piece for you.

This 14ct Yellow Gold Pure Crystal Dolphin Belly Bar is ideally suited for any occasion. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery which will stand out in the crowd. With sparkly, enchanting crystal and high purity 14-carat gold, this is a truly unique piece to adorn your body with. The playful dolphin is associated with both water and air elements, living in both realms, symbolizing both the emotional and intellectual traits. Gold is a notoriously hypoallergenic metal and contributes to faster healing. As this bar has a charm, it will catch all the sunshine and sparkles as it dances in the sun.

We offer a wide range of refined and luxurious pieces in 14-carat gold, which are more elegant and lavish than 9-carat gold. 14ct gold consists of 58.5% gold, making for a more delicate piece of jewellery.

Gauge: 1.6 (14G)

Length: 10mm

Ball size: 5mm


14 Carat Gold

Gold Colour

Yellow Gold




14g – 1.6mm



Ball Size

1.6 x 5mm

Type of Jewellery



Animals, Boho, Charm, Dolphin, Feminine, Luxury, Unique

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